What are brake pumps made of

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Generally speaking, brake pumps are made of three main materials, 1 Iron, 2 Aluminium and 3 plastic.

The material of the brake pump is very important and is usually manufactured according to the original Parts, the main materials are made of iron, aluminium and plastic.

1 Iron material

Iron is a very normal material, it can see in all materials, in brake master /wheel cylinder, and clutch master and wheel cylinder. Most common in trucks.

Iron materials

2 Aluminium materials

Aluminium is often found in passenger cars, which is light, and it can reduce the weight of the body and contributes significantly to energy saving.

3 Plastic materials

Plastic materials mainly produce for the clutch master cylinders and clutch slave cylinders.

the clutch cylinder is not the same as the brake cylinder, it won’t be under a lot of pressure and doesn’t need to be very sturdy. so plastic is the best choice

4. Iron V.S Aluminium

Some of the same pumps are available in the market in both iron and aluminium.such as MC894211, MB295340,47201-22120, 47201-22322,47201-2237,47201-27080,47201-30260,47201-30270,47201-35150,47201-35210

Iron is heavier, used more on trucks, good braking performance for trucks

brake master cylinder mc894211 Iron and Aluminium
brake master cylinder mc894211 Iron and Aluminium

30610-T890A the original material is Aluminium, but we produce iron as per clients, Some markets prefer iron pumps

30610-t890a aluminium iron aviable
30610 t890a aluminium iron aviable

5 Aluminium VS Plastic

In practice, there will be a change from plastic to aluminium pumps to increase the service life. such as 31420-26200 34120-0K013 and so on. Compared to plastic, aluminium is equally light, dissipates heat well and is not expensive and lifetime is longer.

31420-26200 plastic aluminium
31420 26200 plastic aluminium

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