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Reliable Universal Joint Manufacturer from China

GDST is a leading Universal Joint Manufacturer in China, that delivers top-quality universal joints: Tripod Universal Joint and Cross Bearing Universal Joint, covering a wide range of automotive applications.

Trust GDST for reliable and long-lasting universal joint solutions.

GDST Universal Joints

GDST is a factory specializing in the production of tripod universal joints, and cross-bearing universal joints. Provide customized services and can produce according to models, sizes, drawings, or samples provided by customers.

GDST universal joints are made from advanced materials and manufactured with cutting-edge techniques to withstand high torque and stress, reducing wear and extending the lifespan of drivetrain components. We are committed to design quality and precision. Each universal joint is guaranteed to meet the industry standards and perform perfectly.

GDST keeps investing in R&D to improve our universal joints, with a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction. We have a complete range of universal joints for commercial vehicles, passenger cars, and specialty automotive applications.

Trust GDST and you will get reliable, durable, and cost-effective universal joints to keep your business boost.

tripod joint

Tripod Universal Joint

u joint

Cross Bearing Universal Joint

Why Choose GDST Universal Joint?

Not all universal joints in the market are the same. Here’s what makes GDST stand out.


The GDST universal joint can withstand higher tolerances when exposed to various oils and chemicals, either fully submerged or merely exposed to the elements, over both short-term and long-term periods. NBR rubber can endure extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F to +250°F without affecting its functionality or structural integrity.

Low-quality rubber uses too many fillers and impurities to cut costs, harming its quality and structure, which causes it to fail early. This loss of seal integrity leads to grease leaks and contamination, the main causes of universal joint failures.

rubber part

Chrome-Molybdenum Steel

Compared to standard grade 1020 steel, GDST opts for high-strength chromoly steel. This material not only has greater strength but also offers a longer expected lifespan, along with additional corrosion resistance.

Low-grade metals, due to their reduced strength and toughness, are prone to cracking and breaking, causing issues ranging from excessive vibration to loss of vehicle stability and impacts on structural integrity. The brittleness of these metals can also lead to more extensive damage and costly repairs.

Exclusive Protective Coating

The GDST universal joint uses a unique protective formula for coating, which forms a multi-layer powder coating after baking. This coating not only provides excellent rust resistance but also ensures a pore-free surface, offering comprehensive protection.

The universal joint is part of the vehicle’s undercarriage transmission system, exposed to harsh environments such as saltwater and de-icing chemicals. This exposure makes it prone to oxidation and corrosion, potentially causing early failure during normal or high-torque operations. Applying a pore-free protective coating on the universal joint can significantly reduce oxidation in small cracks, thus extending its lifespan and improving durability and reliability.


Hot Selling Products

GDST is a professional Steering Rack Supplier, that supplies a wide range of vehicles, Japanese Korean cars, and American European cars. GDST steering racks are tested by 100% crucial dimensions inspection, high performance, and maximum safety.









29.17x19t 7540062

29.17*19T 7540062

43.18x26t 46308126

43.18*26T 46308126

43x35t istana35t


e100 to 501

E100 TO 501

Advantages of GDST Universal Joints

As a professional universal joint manufacturer and supplier. We aim to supply you with a high-quality tripod universal joint and cross-bearing universal joint.

Our Universal Joints Factory


What customers say

GDST Universal Joint Manufacturer

“Quality is First, Customer is First”

For us to quickly understand your request and give the exact price. It would be better if you could provide your detailed list of universal joints.
Such as:

1. Part number with the QTY you need.

2.  Any special requirements, please tell us, we do our best to meet your requirements.

Send your list, and our sales with contact you to get your detailed request.

The FAQs About GDST Universal Joints

If you have any interest or questions about our universal joint, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply to you within 8 hours. 

We are a universal joint factory, and we also have a trading department.

Because our business is doing well, with good quality and service.We have made many friends from various countries, and they often ask us to help them purchase some other auto parts from China. It broadening our product range, we can offer our friends different auto parts products.

Normally MOQ is 100 pieces of each model.

For the new clients, MOQ 50pcs/ model or so is supported.  We are willing to let customers experience our products to know our products and all, only by understanding each other, it can bring you greater benefits.

Also naturally will get more orders from customers, if you had a wonderful experience.

We support customized packaging.

Sure, all you need is to provide us with your certificate of trademark registration and authorization paper.

And we can also print your logo, product number, or any info you want on the surface of the products.

We provide the same high quality products for different customers and meet their customized needs

Our customers are all over the world and they love our products.We have sold our products to 80 countries all over the world.

We are qualified with IATF 16949, SGS Certification

Basically, our universal joints assure 12 months, and every client will get our lifelong after-sale service.

Normally, delivery time is around 45 days after the order confirmed. 

Urgent orders, we can handle special 

Welcome to try our products. Just pay the freight. The freight will return back once you place an order.
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