When to Change the Car Brake Cylinder

It introduce when to change the brake cylinder
brake pump

When to change the car brake cylinder and wheel cylinder? Generally speaking, there is no fixed replacement time for the car brake pump, it has to be replaced when it breaks down.

  • The brake master cylinder, also known as the brake master pump, hydraulic brake pump. It is the main part of the braking system of the entire vehicle.
  • In general speaking, most of the brake master pumps of passenger cars (such as cars and buses) use oil brakes, while the brake master pumps of commercial vehicles (such as trucks and tractors) generally use air brake master pumps.
  • The master pump is bad when pressure relief, it will lead to the brake system not working. The vacuum pump is very hard when step when broken.
brake wheel cylinder
brake wheel cylinder

The brake wheel cylinder is an indispensable part of the brake system, the main role is to move the brake pads, brake pads rub the brake drum. The main function is to move the brake pads, which rub against the brake drums. It has nothing to do with a handbrake.


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brake pump
brake pump

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