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Reliable Clutch Release Bearing Manufacturer from China

GDST offers clutch release bearings designed for use in automotive and truck applications. With over 20 years of experience, GDST stands as a leading manufacturer in the design and production of these bearings. All GDST clutch release bearings are lubricated for life and designed to provide years of maintenance-free, smooth, and silent operation. Moreover, we provide re-greaseable designs to meet rigorous OEM standards.

GDST Clutch Release Bearing Manufacturer

GDST is a leading manufacturer of automotive components, specializing in the production of high-quality clutch release bearings. Designed with precision engineering and utilizing advanced materials, GDST’s clutch release bearings are engineered to meet the demands of modern vehicles.

GDST’s clutch release bearings are known for their exceptional durability and performance, offering smooth and reliable operation within various transmission systems. These bearings are meticulously crafted to withstand the rigorous conditions of automotive use, ensuring optimal functionality and longevity.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident in the design and manufacturing process of their clutch release bearings. These components undergo stringent quality control measures, adhering to industry standards to guarantee reliability and performance.

GDST’s clutch release bearings cater to a wide range of vehicles, accommodating diverse makes and models. Whether for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, or specialized automotive applications, their bearings are tailored to deliver efficient power transmission and smooth engagement, contributing to overall vehicle performance.

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Proven Design and Reliability: GDST’s clutch release bearings have undergone extensive use in millions of vehicles worldwide, affirming their design and dependability. They have been tried and tested, showcasing their reliability under diverse driving conditions and in various vehicle models.

Improved Grease Retention: These bearings require no regular maintenance due to enhanced grease retention capabilities, ensuring long-lasting lubrication.

Optimized Clutch Contact Area: Featuring a large clutch contact face, these bearings offer design flexibility and smoother engagement for better performance.

Patented Design for Maximum Performance: GDST’s patented design is geared towards maximizing load capacity, durability, operational efficiency, and long-term use.

Why GDST Clutch Release Bearing?

  • Diverse Selection: Our extensive product range covers over 1,000 models, providing solutions for a wide range of applications.
  • Global Coverage: GDST offers 95% vehicle application coverage worldwide, making us a reliable partner regardless of your location.
  • 100% quality test – Every replacement clutch release bearing undergoes stringent quality checks, ensuring dependable performance and full functionality at all times.
  • One-year warranty, Fast Delivery of 30 days
  • Do a full inspection of all orders before delivery
  • 24-hour online support on all your customized requirements
  • Your reliable clutch release bearing manufacturer in China.
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GDST is a professional Clutch Release Bearing Supplier, that supplies a wide range of vehicles, Japanese Korean cars, and American European cars. GDST clutch release bearing are tested by 100% crucial dimensions inspection, high performance, and maximum safety.

clutch release bearing for toyota

Clutch Release Bearing for Toyota

clutch release bearing for nissan

Clutch Release Bearing for Nissan

clutch release bearing for hyundai

Clutch Release Bearing for Hyundai

clutch release bearing for mitsubishi

Clutch Release Bearing for Mitsubishi

clutch release bearing for suzuki

Clutch Release Bearing for Suzuki

clucth release bearing for citroen peugeot

Clutch Release Bearing for Citroen Peugeot

clutch release bearing for mercedes benz

Clutch Release Bearing for Mercedes-Benz

clutch release bearing for chevrolet

Clutch Release Bearing for Chevrolet

clutch release bearing for ford

Clutch Release Bearing for Ford

clutch release bearing for jac

Clutch Release Bearing for JAC

clutch release bearing for jeep

Clutch Release Bearing for Jeep

clutch release bearing for land rover

Clutch Release Bearing for Land Rover

clutch release bearing for renault

Clutch Release Bearing for Renault

clutch release bearing for vw

Clutch Release Bearing for VW

gdst clucth release bearing catalog

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There are more than 1,000 models in this catalog, you can leave us your email download the catalog.

Advantages of GDST CV Joint & Drive Shaft

  1. Wide range of vehicle series: Japanese Korean cars, American European cars, Chinese cars, etc.
  2. Full product models: More than 1,000 models, covering more than 95% of vehicle applications in China, and North America. Europe & Southeast market.
  3. Development investment: Every year, we will invest a lot of money to develop new products, and constantly enrich and improve the varieties and models.
  4. Advanced production equipment: our factory has advanced production equipment, consummate testing technology, and also process and export finished goods abroad.
  5. Strong R&D and production capabilities


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20 years experience

As a clutch release bearing manufacturer, adhering to the principle of “quality first, customer first”, we are very serious about our products and clients.


Factory directly selling price for all customers

OE standard Quality

We have passed IATF 16949 and ISO9001 certifications, keeping high quality, and provide one Year or 30,000 km warranty.


Support MOQ 100pcs for each code. If we have stocks, 50 pcs are acceptable.


Normally delivery time is  35-45 days, if there are stocks, we can send out packages within 7 days

Our Clutch Release Bearing Factory

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What customers say

The FAQs About Clutch Release Bearing

If you have any interest or questions about our Clutch Release Bearings, please feel free to contact us, we will reply to you within 8 hours. 

We are a clutch release bearing factory, and we also have a trading department.

Because our business is doing well, with good quality and service.We have made many friends from various countries, and they often ask us to help them purchase some other auto parts from China. It broadening our product range, we can offer our friends different auto parts products, such as control arm,tie rod end, ball joint and more than 30 kinds of auto parts.

Normally MOQ is 100 pieces of each model. For the new clients, MOQ 50pcs/ model or so is supported.  We are willing to let customers experience our products to know our products and all, only by understanding each other, it can bring you greater benefits. Also naturally will get more orders from customers, if you had a wonderful experience

We support customized packaging.

Sure, all you need is to provide us with your certificate of trademark registration and authorization paper.

And we can also print your logo, product number, or any info you want on the surface of the products.

We provide the same high quality products for different customers and meet their customized needs Our customers are all over the world and they love our products.We have sold our products to 100 countries all over the world.

We are qualified with IATF 16949, SGS Certification

Basically, our clutch release bearings assure 12 months, and every client will get our lifelong after-sale service.

Normally, delivery time is around 45 days after the order confirmed. 

Urgent orders, we can handle special.

Welcome to try our products. Just pay the freight. The freight will return back once you place an order.
For us to quickly understand your request and give the exact price. It would be better if you could provide your detailed list for the clutch release bearings.
Such as:
1. Part number with the QTY you need
2.  Any special requirements please tell us, we do our best to meet your requirement
The more information you give, we can easily understand your request fast and give the goods you want.
However, if you only want to know the price, just send your list, and our sales with contact you to get your detailed request.

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