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In the competitive landscape of automotive components, the brake pad is one of the most critical safety parts. This guide will show you the top manufacturers in Europe, who are famous for their commitment to quality, innovation and performance.

When it comes to brake pad manufacturing in Europe, industry giants like Bosch, Brembo, GDST and ICER lead the way. These manufacturers are celebrated for their exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology, and comprehensive range, catering to a variety of vehicle types and performance needs.

Dive deeper into what makes each brand stand out in the bustling European market.

  • Location: Stuttgart, Germany
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1886
  • Main product: Brakes, Diesel Parts, Gasoline Fuel Systems, Steering Systems, etc
bosch brake pad 1

Bosch offers a comprehensive portfolio of brake pads, they are:

  • QuietCast Premium Disc Brake Pads: designed for generalists working on all vehicle types, elevating aftermarket brake pad technology to new heights.
  • Euroline Brake Pads: offer optimal performance for European vehicles in North America like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Volvo, and Saab.
  • Bosch Police Pursuit brake pads: designed for law enforcement’s tough demands, offering safety, reliability, and high performance.
  • Bosch Blue Disc Brake Pads: designed for everyday drivers, undergo the same rigorous testing as the premium line, providing quiet, clean performance with advanced engineering.
  • QuietCast™ Medium Duty Premium Disc Brake Pads: offer increased lifespan, quiet stops, low dust, and excellent pedal feel for medium-duty vehicles, made with OE or upgraded friction formulas.
  • Bosch Severe Duty brake pads: offer top performance with Advanced Aerospace Alloy Technology for quiet, long-lasting operation, featuring OE-style shims, slots, and chamfers for optimal fit.
  • Location: Wuhu, Anhui
  • Company type: Manufacture
  • Year founded: 2002
  • Main product: Brake Parts – brake pads, brake caliper, brake disc, brake shoe, brake drum
gdst brake pad

GDST, a leading brake pad manufacturer, offers more than 4,000 brake pad variants. They can provide 9 different formulations, including semi-metallic, low-metallic, ceramic, non-asbestos, etc. Their brake pads can fit a lot of vehicles, like Japanese, Korean, American, and European cars.

With their testing laboratory and advanced inspection tools, GDST can assure you of the perfect quality. They have gained a lot of certificates, such as ISO9001, IAFT16949, E-mark, AMECA, and Link.

With powerful R&D strength, GDST can develop and produce brake pads according to samples or drawings provided by customers. They can offer customized services to meet your requirements.

  • Location: Italy
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1961
  • Main product: Brake Pads
brembo brake pad 1

Brembo is a global leader in the design and production of high-performance braking systems and components for all major manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles.

Respected for its innovative original equipment as well as aftermarket solutions. In addition, Brembo dominates the world’s most challenging motorsport championships, having won over 600 titles.

With approximately 15,000 employees, 32 production sites and commercial offices, and 9 research and development centers in 15 countries, Brembo is a trusted solution provider for those who want the best driving experience.

  • Location: Tudela, Spain
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1961
  • Main product: Brake pads, discs, front kits, rear kits, parking brake kit, wear indicators
icer brake pad

ICER Brakes, founded in 1961, is Europe’s leading independent friction material manufacturer. ICER Brakes is well-known for its good service and innovation.

The company produces over 22 million units every year and sells products to more than 70 countries. They have two factories in Pamplona and Tudela, Spain.

Icer Brake Pad products adopt advanced friction formulas and technology, with good performance, quiet, and long life. They can be used in a wide range of vehicles.

  • Location: Northampton, England
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1978
  • Main product: Brake Pads
ebc brake pads

EBC Brakes is a leading independent producer of brake components. They supply brake pads and discs globally, with over 5000 part numbers. They produce for every vehicle type and specialize in sport, high-performance, and race products.

EBC is proud to be a UK & USA manufacturing company. They offer innovative and environmentally friendly brake materials, such as the Ultimax 2 friction material.

Their products are famous for quality control, performance, and customer service.

  • Location: Belgium
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 2013
  • Main product:
winmax brake pad

Winmax Europe was established in 2013. They specialize in distributing Winmax Brake pads in Europe and other countries.
Winmax aims to set up a dealer network for Motorsport and standard vehicles. Their office is based in Belgium, which is a logistical hub for Europe.

They promote their products through international motorsport marketing campaigns and continuous product testing. They have a dedicated team of specialists to support our customers with technical assistance and information.

  • Location: Northern Italy
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1976
  • Main product: Brake rotors, brake pads, brake fluid
tarox shock absorber

TAROX is an Italian company, established in 1976, which is famous for its high-performance brake systems. Their products include brake pads, rotors, and calipers, designed for both road and race cars.
TAROX brake pads are well known for their advanced engineering.

They have better-stopping power, longer life, and higher heat resistance, which are tailored for different driving conditions.

TAROX does a lot of research and development to guarantee quality and performance. So their products are very popular among the enthusiasts and professional racers.

  • Location: Barcelona, Spain
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 2004
  • Main product: Brake Pads
sdt brake pad

SDT Brakes, established in Spain, is a specialist in high-performance and competition brake systems. They manufacture car brakes, especially ECE R90 and competition brake pads, and design brake discs, metal hoses, and other accessories.

Recently, they developed brake pads for bicycles and electric scooters, which are very durable. With over 20 years of experience, they are famous for their commitment to safety, durability, and technology in their products.

  • Location: Netherlands
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1989
  • Main product: Brake pads, brake discs, brake drums
fremax shock absorbers

Fremax is famous for its automotive brake parts, especially brake discs and brake pads.

With the idea of innovation and quality, Fremax brake pads are developed to provide excellent performance, safety, and durability, and can satisfy different vehicle types and driving conditions.

By using advanced technology and strict testing, Fremax brake pads can offer reliability and better braking efficiency for both normal driving and severe driving conditions.

  • Location: Svendborg, Denmark
  • Company type: Wholesale
  • Year founded: 1964
  • Main product: Brake pads, brake discs, clutch kits, brake shoes
sbs brake pad

Since 1964, SBS has dedicated itself to enabling braking excellence for both two and four-wheelers globally.

As part of the Brembo Group, SBS Friction A/S is a preferred original equipment (OE) and aftermarket supplier of brake pads, along with brake discs, clutch kits, brake shoes, brake shims, and accessories for motorcycles, scooters, ATVs/UTVs, and industrial applications.

Their commitment to innovation, quality, and performance, alongside a focus on sustainability, sets their brake pads apart, ensuring they meet the evolving needs of the industry and market.


For the distributors, it’s very important to choose the right brake pad manufacturer. Here we would like to introduce you to some of the top brake pad manufacturers in Europe so that you can make the decision with confidence and get the best quality and innovation.

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